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Anhui Geological Museum passes the evaluation of National first-grade museum classification

Pub Date:20-12-23 14:37 Source:cnanhui.org

An Anhui Geological Museum collection item: the fossil of Cartorhynchus lenticarpus, the the smallest known ichthyosaur to date

According to sources, the Anhui Geological Museum has been evaluated as meeting all criteria of National first-grade museum of China.

So far, there are 204 National first-grade museums nationwide, among which only two of them are at provincial level. Anhui Geological Museum is one of them.

According to the scoring system of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage(SACH), museums are graded based on their "comprehensive management and infrastructure", "collection management and scientific research", and "exhibition and social services". First-grade museum is the highest amongst all three classifications.

The Anhui Geological Museum is located by Hefei’s Swan Lake in the city’s New Municipal And Culture District. It is officially opened in October, 2012. The museum covers a floor area of 26,495 square meters and an exhibition area of 16,902 square meters, making it China’s largest geological museum both in terms of total area and exhibition area, as well as Anhui’s largest natural science museum.

Editor:Fanxi Feng

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