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Photos of 81-year-old Chinese man reading books at relocation site touches netizens' heart

Pub Date:2020-07-27 15:19 Source:People's Daily Online

Photos of an 81-year-old man, Hu Minghu, insisting on reading books even after being transferred to a relocation site due to the flood has touched the heart of many Chinese netizens.

Since July, severe floods have hit Chongyang county in Tongling city, east China's Anhui province, forcing local residents to move to relocation sites.

On July 15, after other residents fell asleep, Hu insisted on reading a book about Chinese traditional medicine, making marks while he read.

When Hu was evacuated from his home on July 9, he took only several belongings, and his books were considered to be one of the necessities.

In reference to reading, he has a lot of experience, "some books need intensive reading, some rough reading."

Hu and his wife live alone together at home after their son came back from working in other cities and suffered from mental illness in 2009, and was later sent to a mental hospital under the arrangement of the government.

His monthly income is only 300 yuan (about $42.84) of low allowance subsidy; however, he is still a regular customer of bookstores.

The avid reader’s pursuit of knowledge even in times of difficulties has moved many Chinese netizens. Some commented that "the Grandpa has a light in his eyes,” while others say they want to donate books to him. 


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