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Xi Calls for Focusing Reforms on Solving Practical Problems
Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), called for focusing
Li Vows Financial Opening, Tax Cuts
China will further open its financial sector, reduce taxes and fees, and better protect intellectual property rights, Premier Li Keqiang told
China Unveils Measures to Boost Consumption
China on Thursday unveiled measures to further tap the country's residential consumption potential.
University Celebrates 60th Anniversary
More than 3,000 alumni of the...
Come to Mt.Huangshan to Admire Full Moon
Huangshan Mountain, listed as a UNESCO...
Anhui Villages among China's Top 100
Four villages in Anhui province were listed among the 100 ...
Agricultural Exports Hit $864 Million in Jan-Aug
Anhui's agricultural exports totaled...
  • Citadel of Excellence Shines
  • Companies Punished for Pollution Violations
  • Culture&Education
    University Celebrates 60th Anniversary
    More than 3,000 alumni of the...
    Things You Need to Know about Mid-Autumn Festival
    Citadel of Excellence Shines, Inspiring Innovation
    Graduate School Sets an Example for Reform
    USTC Training Programs Enhancing Faculty Talent
    Gifted Students Revel in a Class of Their Own
    Baidu Co-Founder Donates $14.5m to Anhui University
    Farmers' Harvest Festival to Boost Rural Culture: Ministry
    Hui Culture
    Chinese Association Plans to Expand 'Eight Major Regional Cuisines'
    The association said the old concept of eight cuisines ...
    6 Anhui Writers Shortlisted for Top Literary Prize
    Huangshan Book Fair Set to Kick off in Late July
    International Poetry Festival Kicks off in Jingxian, Anhui
    Anhui Exports Over 500 Copyrights at Beijing Int'l Book Fair
    The Anhui delegation took the lead in China by exporting
    Anhui Promotes Fine Traditional Chinese Culture
    Historic Wooden Building Moved from Anhui to Shanghai, Turned into Book Store
    Historic Buildings Get New Home
    National Plan Includes 18 Anhui's Traditional Crafts
    Explore Anhui
    Amazing Sunset View in Ancient Hongcun Village
    15.69 Mln Tourist Trips Made in Anhui During Dragon Boat Festival Break
    Hefei Huiyuan Park Hosts Gorgeous Light Show
    Mt.Huangshan to Charge Unruly Tourists Rescue Fee
    National Brand Influence Forum Highlights Tourism Sector
    Nature-Friendly Small Town in E China Attracts Tourists with Idyllic Scenery
    'Agri-Tainment' the Pick of the Day at Delta-Region Exhibition
    Scenery of Lantana Camara Blossoms in East China's Anhui
    Anhui Records 16.75m Tourist Trips during Tomb-Sweeping Holiday
    USTC Campus Expected to Open to Cherry Blossom Viewers This Weekend
    Trekking along Huihang Ancient Trail
    A 16-kilometer path linking Jixi county of Anhui...
    Intoxicating Heavenly Village in China's Anhui
    Spring Views of Xixinan Town in Anhui
    Typhoon Rumbia Sweeps into E. China
    Train Services Halted as Typhoon Maria Hits East China
    More Flooding on Way - Typhoons, Too
    Heavy Rain Expected for Most Parts of Anhui
    Photography Exhibition Explores China’s 40 Years of Reform and Opening-up
    Xiaogang village in East China's Anhui Province,
    Anhui Integrates Nat'l and Local Taxation Offices at Municipal Level
    Foreigners Visit China's Rural Reform Birthplace
    A Legacy of Reform in Xiaogang
    Party Chief Meets Visting World Left-Wing Party Leaders
    Int'l Forum to Be Held in Xiaogang
    r Secretary
    Li Jinbin
    re Governor
    Li Guoying
    The Provincial Departments and Bureaus
    1st Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival & 7th Chinese Farmers' Concert
  • Media Tour Highlights Anhui's Development
  • The World Manufacturing Convention 2018 and the Anhui Investment and Trade Expo 2018
  • Invest in Anhui
    World Bank to Provide US$200m Loan for Anhui
  • Baidu, China Speech Valley to Go into Partnership
  • China Speech Valley Attracts Investment of 11 Bln Yuan
  • Corning to Locate Another Plant in Hefei
  • Development Plan
    Three-Year Action Plan (2018-20) for Yangtze River Delta's Integrated Development
  • Yangtze River Delta Region Pledges Deeper Big Data Cooperation
  • Anhui Boosts Robotic Industrial Development
  • Yangtze River Delta Plan Gains Approval
  • Video
  • Chinese Xuanzhi paper: Part 1
  • Chinese Xuanzhi paper
  • Palace Museum Showcases Conventional Anhui Craftsmanship
  • People
    3 Individuals from Anhui Shortlisted for Anti-Poverty Awards
  • Expert Strives to Revive Forgotten Forms
  • Mother Returns Donations after Daughter Dies of Leukemia
  • Husband Carries Disabled Wife on His Back
  • Anhui Today
    Eyes on Anhui
  • Many Mourn East China Good Samaritan Beggar
  • Warm up Your Winter at Mount Huangshan Hot Spring
  • Unlocking Inland China -- Anhui Engages with the World
  • Hefei among Chinese Happiest Cities in 2016
  • 3 Towns in Anhui Selected as National Livable Towns
  • Sister City
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